Welcome to the School of
Rose Mystics

Step through the Magical Doorway…

Welcome Home Beloved,

to the Renaissance of the Mystic Rose.

Take a deep breath and arrive in the here and now.

We invite you, to open your heart and ignite the Mystic Rose within.

Once ignited, shall you remember your true essence, will you begin to open up to synchronicity and to all the benevolent beings that are around you.
You shall awaken to the beautiful madness of life as your Mystery School.

This temple has been created in reverence & reawakening of the Mystic Rose and the co-creation of the New Earth that is upon us. Here is where we gather in the name of love, as we did before so many times, Beloved One. To remember the unity and to live life in the embrace of love, innocence, and wonderment.

We feel so honored to be able to share with you, serve you and reunite with you on this inner quest of remembrance at the School of Rose Mystics.

May you have the courage to embrace the fire of transformation and rise into the light of the supreme heart.

and Blossom into the Divine Human.

The 4 Pillars

of the School of Rose Mystics

 Through the foundation of the 4 Pillars of our School, which as well represent the divine masculine light pillar, is the space created for the frequency of the rose to weave through bring her magic and bestow her blessings.

Awakening & Illumination

Illumination and Awakening are spontaneous events that bring forth whole new ways of perceiving and living life. 


Through heart centred guidance, empowerment and the emanation of love do we aspire for deep healing experiences to manifest for individuals and the collective.


At the School of Rose Mystics do we offer simple, practical, and mystic teachings to introduce into your day to day life.


An important aspect of your journey on the spiritual path is to integrate the practices and teachings into your day to day life.

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White Rose

  • Monthly Loveletter with uplifting, inspiring & motivational content
  • Live monthly Web of Life – Planetary Energy Transmission (without Replays)
  • 1 downloadable Manual from the Rose Library


Golden Rose

  • All offerings from the White Rose and 
  • 1 Guided Meditation Audio (name)
  • Access to All Web of Life Transmission Recordings
  • All downloadable Manuals from the Rose Library
  • 5% Discount on Sessions and Online Courses

33 usd

Celestial Rose

  • All offerings from White & Golden Rose and
  • Monthly Guided Meditation Audio
  • Live monthly interactive School of Rose Mystics Master Class**
  • Full Access to Rose Library with replays of all Classes
  • 10% Discount on Sessions and Online Courses

111 usd

**The School of Rose Mystics Class (for Celestial Rose Members) varies every month from dynamic meditations, energy transmissions, sacred crystal sound journeys and rose temple practices which always includes a teaching, silent meditation and Q&A.

Embrace the magic

One on One Sessions

Meet us for a transformational Experience and reclaim your Birthright to live in Divinity.

Feel the Love

What people say


“The work with Gabriel & Asherah turned out to be the most impactful healing experience I’ve had thus far!

Amanacer, Tulum MX
Session Receiver


“Gabriel & Asherah Love and gratitude from my entire being for the most powerful, transformative experience of my life.”

Chris, Costa Rica
Retreat Participant

“pure embodiements”

Gabriel and Asherah have some very wonderful, unique codes to share with humanity.  I see and feel them as a pure embodiment of source, fully integrated with nature.

Kathryn, Missouri US
Rose Member

“opening to love”

“Thank you so much Gabriel & Asherah. Each class has helped shift my heart/mind awareness & this heart is now opening up to the perfection of life and the powerful force of LOVE inside us all.

Rebecca, Oregon US
Rose Member

Immerse in

Our Rose Library

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Pod Flame

Pod Flame

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