crystal sound alchemy


We are made of sound, frequency, and color.
It is the fabric that weaves us together within the Dream of life.
Through entering the dimension of Sound we let go of constructs and can reawaken into what we truly are. Divine beings having a human experience of infinite possibilities.

The Intention

Crystal Sound Alchemy is a transformational and healing experience. It activates channels of Light in the Body-Mind circuitry, neutralizing blocks, and allowing alignment with your Soul’s Purpose.  The alchemical process awakens the Spirit to conscious awareness, facilitating connection with higher aspects of Self and intentions for Life, bringing clarity, serenity and inner peace.

The Crystal Sound Alchemy aligns you to the high cosmic frequencies that are being birthed on the planet right now and prepares you for the planetary shift.



Benefits of crystal sound alchemy:

 Neutralizing of energetic, emotional & physical blocks
 harmonizing of Chakras
 Realigning of energy flow on all bodies (physical and energetic)
 deep inner peace, rest and rejuvenation
 greater connection to higher aspects of self


The Alchemy

We begin by addressing your individual intention and programming it into the energy field.

Asherah then opens a nurturing energetic container of Light, invoking the assistance of your Higher Self, Light beings, Divine Mother and Divine Father for heavenly and earth energies and is directed by the Unified field.

Next, you will be guided into a deep state of receptivity, where various sound instruments are going to be played in alignment with your intention and specific to each chakra.

  You will enter a deep trance of healing, complete recalibration, and return to Source Frequencies.

We finish in silent immersion, allowing the healing and activation to continue on the subtle bodies and for your spiritual assistance team to complete their work.

The ceremony is unique to you. It is a fusion of practices from diverse ancient cultures, such as Tibet, India, North America, timeless higher-dimensional wisdom, and codes of light.


Sound Instruments &Healing Tools

Crystal chalices, Crystal pyramids, Crystal tuning fork, Metal tuning forks,
Tibetian singing bowl, Tibetian bells, Chimes, Rattles, Medicine Drum

Crystals are placed on the body for further assistance.

Furthermore, Asherah is using her voice by chanting mantras,
native American chants, and language of light for powerful activations.

The Results

Only one session can bring about powerful results, with immediate shifts in awareness.
Complete activation may happen in the first session, or you might return to
refresh the activation and to re-establish the source field within.
The sequence can vary with each individual session.

Are you ready to embark on this journey with me through the gates of alchemical magic & sound?

Crystal sound alchemy Session

approx 1h
Step through the gates of magic and get mesmerized by a transformational sound experience

In person only.

77 usd

for Tulum locals


For local family & friends that live in Tulum
do we offer a special price on the Crystal Sound Alchemy. Request here or with Asherah through whatsapp +44 7521457504.

“Money is a form of Love. Every Investment you make towards your evolution shall bring you further prosperity, abundance & flourishment.”

Who is this for?

Anyone who wishes to go into a deep state of rejuvenation and rest and to recalibrate once energy field.
As well for people that need healing on emotional, physical, and spiritual levels is this session beneficial.
And for anyone who has already done deep spiritual work and would like to open up to higher cosmic energies.

How will we connect and where is the session?

The Crystal Sound Alchemy Session happens in person at Asherah & Gabriels home in Tulum Mexico.

How is the Payment made?

Through Paypal or in person. Once payment has been made, you will be then be contacted by Asherah to schedule in your Crystal Sound Alchemy Session.

 May all investments return to you in multiplicity and in divine ways beyond your imagination. 


I have more questions?

Sure. Just contact us via our contact form. 

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