Rose Mysticism

In Ancient traditions, Mystery schools far and wide, all have been marked with the alchemical symbology of the rose.

The rose symbolizing the Rose Frequency of Divine and Universal Love. Divine Mother -The seed of creation, descending into matter (mother)  from the primordial cosmic womb (formless). Divine Father – ascending from the womb into creational form. Saturated with the light.

It is the Wisdom of the Rose, which ignites an inner reawakening of the divine union. Where the feminine initiates the masculine, and the masculine honours the feminine. Where the feminine descends down into the earth – the void – to rebirth, and from the rebirth does the masculine ascend into christhood. A scared dance, in which the energy merges back into their creational blueprint.

Through the journey of the Rose, we explore many teachings from ancients traditions and mystery schools to practicals tools for modern-day life, whose purpose is to prepare our physical and energetic bodies for the remembrance and re-awakening of our divine intelligence and god consciousness within.

Long before our time…

did the ancient rose mystics gather and share the teachings of the rose in sacred circle and in Mystery Schools…

Here is where we learned how to alchemize our inner world into refined and high states of consciousness.

Now are these mysteries available to all of us, in the time of a new dawn, of the rebirthing into a new era and co-creation of a new earth. 

It is time for these sacred teachings and frequencies to be unveiled again and brought to the light from the slumbering void of creation. Finally, we are able to once again reunite in a sacred circle and practice the ancient wisdom that we carry within, in the name of love.

The ancient Rose mystics are beings whos coding lives within us and amongst us, we can as well understand them as a field of energy and expressions of the divine.

Great Rose Mystics that you might know are Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Leonardo Da Vinci, Merlin, and as well many Ascended Masters.

The Symbology of the Rose


“Since ancient times, Roses have symbolized the Divine at work in all ways of apperance.”

You may simply see the Rose as a beautiful flower. Yet is the rose so much more than that. Roses are the key to the divinity that dwells within your heart. 

The gentle blossoming of the heart into love is the opening of the inner rose. The sweet scent and velvet petals remind us of the graceful, compassionate, and loving embrace of godliness. The thorns teach us that love can be expressed in many forms and the sacrament to treat the rose heart with valour.

Red Roses bring forth the passion of creation,  white roses bring the inherent innocence and purity, and yellow roses the freshness and juiciness of life.

Since eons of time have the symbol of the rose been used to represent God.

Roses appear in many of the world’s religions as a form of miraculous love. Christians view roses as a reminder of the Garden Eden and honor the Virgin Mary as the “Rosa Mystica”, a Rose in human form. Pagans use roses as a way-shower to the sacred heart. Muslims view roses as a symbol of the human soul and in Buddhism and Hinduism is the rose seen as the expression of spiritual joy.

In astrology the planet Venus is the symbolic ruler of the heart, governer of love and creative expression of our emotions. When Venus makes her full orbit around the sun does it create a geometry in the form of a rose, another reflection of this mystical phenomenon. 

To open up to the rose means to open up to life and to be taken onto a magical journey of remembrance of love.

Rose of Venus Geometry

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